• COMMODITY_B is optional, the default value is what you set before;
  • Set the PRICE manually: just use a number as PRICE like Beancount;
  • If there is no PRICE found, Costflow will automatically get the latest exchange rates of currencies, or the latest price of cryptocurrencies and stock by Alpha Vantage. The priority:
    1. Firstly, Costflow will check whether COMMODITY_A is one of ISO 4217 currency codes. If it is, get the exchange rate;
    2. Secondly, Costflow will check whether COMMODITY_A is one of cryptocurrency codes that Alpha Vantage support (support list). If it is, get the cryptocurrency price;
    3. Finally, Costflow will treat COMMODITY_A as a stock code and get its price. Only stocks listed on NASDAQ and NYSE are supported in this version. Note, COMMODITY_B should not be set, if COMMODITY_A is a stock code, COMMODITY_B is inherited from the stock market.


// #1 Input
2017-01-17 price USD 1.08 CAD
// #1 Output
2017-01-17 price USD 1.08 CAD
// #2 Input, get the exchange rate automatically. The word "to" is only for understanding, can be omitted.
price CAD to USD
// #2 Output
2019-07-01 price
// #3 Input, get Bitcoin price
price BTC
// #3 Output
2019-07-01 price BTC 11946.64 USD
// #4 Input, get Apple stock price
price AAPL
// #4 Output
2019-07-01 price AAPL 199.8 USD