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Costflow is a set of open source products that make double-entry plain-text bookkeeping easier. Including Syntax, Parser, Desktop apps, CLI, Playground and so on.

Official Products

  • Costflow Syntax is the root of Costflow, which is the rules that convert one line text into plain text accounting format like Beancount, ledger, hledger, etc.
  • Costflow Parser, official JavaScript parser for Costflow Syntax, you can build your own product with it.
  • 🆕 Costflow Desktop Apps, official desktop apps for macOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Costflow Playground, try Costflow Syntax in your browser.
  • Costflow CLI, official command line tool.

Third-Party Products

Welcome to submit your app that supports Costflow Syntax.

If you want to support Costflow development, you could visit donate page.